Friday, July 3, 2009

Studying and the like....

Today, from 8-9pm, I was studying outside the store. It was a nice sunny day and the sun was still out til about 8:30pm. Anyway, as I was sitting, reading, and studying for the LSAT about 5 friends stopped by and asked, "What are you studying?" They were a couple with a 3 year old son, a former coworker from the pizzeria I used to work at, 2 customers who play lottery everyday, and another customer with a 12 year old daughter. I perhaps, studied for about 5 minutes - if that - before getting interrupted each time and then having to have another 5 minute conversation with every one of them. So anyway, I told them I was studying for the LSAT and was aiming to be a judge. They were all impressed and seemed supportive of my goals. And you know what? As strange as it may have seemed, I welcomed the interruptions. As I've gotten older and with the culture and people of New York, I've come to realize the importance of small talk and the genuine little "friendships" that you form here. Its as if we could talk openly and honestly to each other. Or maybe its the fact that we're all older and can be friendly (or friends) to everyone. So what's there to hide, really, when you're all friends?

But as I was having ALL these conversations, I realized that my goal to be a judge was for them too. What does that mean? I wanted to help and inspire them as well. I knew how supportive they were of my goals and dreams. How else could I ever repay them? I think the only way I could ever do that was to be My Dream. And when I achieve that, then maybe I can give back to others (and to society). So as they were giving me their supportive thoughts and opinions, I just thought I now have a "responsibility" to go out and repay them back for their support, by being this great Justice - one day.

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