Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fellowship group, part 2

Last week, I attended my fellowship group. It was the day after my birthday, and I didn't expect anybody to remember. Heck, I'm not sure of anyone's birthday in there as well. So lo and behold, I was received very warmly and told, "Happy Birthday" by members! I even received cake as well, but that was just a fortunate coincidence, as the hosts had celebrated someone else's birthday. But I'm not complaining. After all, cake is cake, no?

Anyway, it was good to be back. I've missed some/many meetings due to the craziness of the grocery store, LSAT prep, house repair work, etc, etc. And I enjoyed some of the small chat, as I've been gone "some" time. Unfortunately, I even had to leave early, as the demands of the store, forced me to say, "Goodbye" around 9:30 pm. But it was just as I was leaving, which I'll remember most.

Tony: (talking to the group leader) So, as you can see. Wait Jong, are you going?

Me: Yeah, but I didn't want to interrupt. I'm just quietly going on my way.

Tony: Get outta here! No, wait. I didn't mean it like that. But, yeah, it was good to see you. Happy Birthday by the way.

Me: (now, with the whole group watching me) Well, thanks. I have to get back.

Amy: (group hostess) Happy Birthday too! Why do you have to go?

Me: My dad is always worried about thieves and robbers. And sometimes, when you're always out saving the world, you have little time for other things. (This is in reference to my work for the Dream Act too, which few of them know about. Nevertheless, the members that do know my secret, nod, knowing I'm referring to that work as well.)

(continuing on): Thanks everyone. See you guys next week! Yeah, go, get back to your discussion.

(FYI: what was odd, to me, was that another member just left quietly, and we continued talking, as he walked out. But they had stopped the discussion, just to talk to me?)

Everybody: Bye Jong!

Me: Bye! And Sherlock Holmes was a good movie, but a little bit complicated.

Then I left, thinking, "Wow, these are good people here. I'm very lucky!"

May God always bless them! :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Birthday...

Today, I turned 30. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that. I guess when we all were younger, we all thought we'd be rich, and famous by the time the big "3-0" rolled around. Or have accomplished great things, such as curing cancer. ;-) Or be on "top of the world".

But what if your life didn't plan out that way? I guess that's ok. I think God has a plan for all of us. And sometimes it takes a little while longer and much more determination to accomplish your dreams. Maybe, we have to be very patient and faithful, and then wait for God's timing in our lives.

And as I look ahead towards this new year and this new chapter in my life, I hope to continue the great work from last year. I guess, I'm very excited about the future, even though I may be a little older, and a little slower than before. But there comes a trade-off, as I've become much more mature, and much more wiser than in my 20's.

So while I can reminisce about my (past) life forever, I think I'll relax a little bit today and treat myself to a movie. I want to see another great detective, Sherlock Holmes, at work. It's gotten great reviews and I'll be happy just to see it.

A big, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! I hope and pray that this will be the beginning of great new things in my life! And I definitely believe in it too!@